Commercial Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC Technicians Servicing the Greater Boston Area

Professional, Reliable, and Highly Trained Commercial Contractors for Massachusetts

Encon Commercial Service understands that today’s mechanical systems are more complicated than ever before. We’re seeing components become more interdependent, software overtaking hardware, and energy costs rising. When you work with a commercial service company, dependable and knowledgeable technicians are essential to prevent unnecessary repair costs and keep equipment functioning at its best.

With Encon CS, you’ll no longer need to find and manage various contractors to maintain complex building systems. We consistently invest in the most qualified, energy conscious technicians in the Boston region to keep your mission-critical equipment running smoothly and efficiently.

Our skilled commercial technicians are trained, reliable, and make a point to proactively prevent equipment failure or inefficiency so our clients are protected over the long term. Working with Encon, you can expect technicians who have:

  • Management review of every service call

  • Detailed maintenance tasking

  • Backing by in-house project managers

  • Partnerships with certified energy managers

Our parent company, Service Logic, is a long time training partner of many of the major equipment manufacturers, so our certified technicians are continually coached on the latest technological innovations as they come out.