Commercial Kitchens

No matter the output of your restaurant or building, ENCON Commercial Services can install commercial kitchen features to maximize your efficiency. 


If you are installing a commercial kitchen in your restaurant or business, it’s important that you know the components before you make any purchases. Here are some of the most important features of a commercial kitchen: 

  • Stations: The stations in a commercial restaurant need to be able to accommodate the volume of people who access it.

  • Equipment: Commercial kitchen equipment are much larger to have a higher amount of food output. They are designed for mass production, and they include safety features as well. 

  • Setup: Commercial kitchens require a specific layout. In order to keep food workers safe, each station needs to have a certain amount of surrounding space. There are also distance requirements between stations that vary from town, city, and state. 

  • Safety: Safety is the utmost concern when designing and installing a commercial kitchen. These facilities deal with high temperatures, sharp objects, and heavy machinery. There are venting requirements, no-slip floor additions, and a specific amount of fire extinguishers that vary depending on the size. 

  • Health Code: From cooking to storage, you must meet the Massachusetts health code requirements in order to operate. Preparation, operation, and storage is the most important part of any food service industry. If you fail to meet code requirements you are no longer able to operate – it’s as simple as that. With any commercial kitchen feature installation, you need to make sure that it will function properly and adequately.

Do you need your commercial kitchen installed, maintained, or repaired? What are you waiting for? Call ENCON Commercial Services today!