Commercial Backflow Prevention in New England

Are you building or purchasing a new space and unsure about backflow prevention laws? Are you worried about water contamination and safety?

These are reasonable concerns that can be difficult to resolve without professional plumbing assistance. As certified backflow device installers with experience throughout New England, the experts at ENCON Commercial Services are ready to help make sure your water stays clean and healthy for drinking.

What is Backflow Prevention?

Backflow occurs when your drinking water crosses with a non-potable water source.  Essential to any sized home, business, or industrial complex, backflow devices work to keep your water clean and separate from these non-potable sources; often city or town water lines. Properly installed and functioning backflow prevention devices ensure that your water is free of contamination and is safe to drink.

How Can ENCON Commercial Services Help with Backflow Prevention?

At ENCON Commercial Services, we are committed to delivering safe and contaminant-free water to all of our customers. Here are some direct actions we can take:

  • Ensure valve assembly is fully operational

  • Maintain air gaps

  • Reduce pressure assembly

  • Pressure vacuum breaker assembly

  • Anti-siphon vacuum breaker

  • Check that backflow prevention devices meet local code requirements (if applicable)

New England Water Contamination is Not an Option

Please do not take risks when it comes to potable water.  It’s not worth compromising health over costs. If you’re not 110% positive about the state of your water, contact a professional to take a look. Our advanced water testing can help ease your concerns and precisely report back on exactly what is or is not happening to your personal water supply.

The team at ENCON Commercial Services is here to exceed expectations and keep our customers and neighbors free from preventable harm.

Keep your water safe and contaminant-free! Contact ENCON Commercial Services today to replace or repair your backflow prevention device.