Pharmaceutical and Clean Rooms

A clean room is a sectioned off environment that is virtually free from dust and other contaminants. Typically, manufacturers require these rooms for pharmaceutical production and scientific or medical research. If your commercial business has one, whether it’s new or old, it needs routine maintenance. Any error can escalate and end up compromising your facilities air quality. This can halt production, hinder research, or ruin work that’s already been done. ENCON Commercial Services is ready to help you with all of your clean room maintenance needs. 

How it Works

A clean room is designed, simply put, to be clean. By reducing contamination due to pollutants or foreign particles, the ideal environment will be available for the best function possible. Modern clean rooms are highly filtered in order to keep impurities out. Here are some basics about clean room function and etiquette:

  • Every person must enter or leave the clean room through an airlock door. This typically includes an air shower to rid you of any debris before entering.

  • Protective clothing is often provided to wear inside. 

  • The room has special equipment to minimize the risk of contamination. 

  • Outside materials may be prohibited, but objects like pens and paper are generally ok. 

  • Humidity and pressure are often controlled – this increases consistency and helps to determine the source of any leaks or contamination. 

Rules may vary due to the specific function of the room. 


During maintenance, one of our professionals will inspect the filtration features for any areas of concern or wear and tear. The inspection must be done very carefully – the smallest flaw can quickly escalate if it’s missed. Rooms with different functions will have specific requirements in order to function properly. Work will be prompt and up to code, no matter the size of the job.  

For pharmaceutical or clean room maintenance, schedule an appoint with ENCON Commercial Services today.