HVAC Services For Massachusetts Mission Critical Sites

At Encon Commercial Service, we know downtime simply is not an option for a mission critical facility.

As part of the Service Logic family of companies, we help maintain and operate the world's largest and most advanced mission critical facilities.

The HVAC requirements for mission critical facilities often exceed standard building code requirements for reliability and efficiency. It’s not uncommon for one mission critical building to require HVAC and utility resources similar to that of a small city. In addition, the cost of system downtime is likely much larger than the cost of preventing a failure.

Maximizing reliability and eliminating downtime is the focus for all HVAC operations and maintenance procedures for mission critical clients throughout the Boston area. Our experienced and highly trained HVAC technicians and building engineers work closely with building owners and facility managers to consistently identify and mitigate risks through innovative HVAC services, which include:

  • Reliability plans

  • Remote monitoring

  • Single-point-of-failure analysis

  • System redundancy

The management and operation of data center infrastructure plays a significant role in preventing problems that can lead to downtime in mission-critical environments. Encon Commercial Service understands heat removal and cooling equipment necessary for high-density computing.

By managing the heat loads, Encon Commercial Service ensures continuous operation of HVAC equipment and data centers. We specialize in preventive HVAC maintenance programs for high-density cooling equipment to maintain and service computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units as well as Inrow cooling systems for data centers and mission critical facilities.