Small and Large Projects

No matter what size the job you need to be done may be, ENCON Commercial Services  is ready to help you. Perhaps you are expanding your business, or maybe you are starting from scratch! This is an exciting time, but these projects can cause you stress if aspects aren’t managed properly or work is done poorly. We have specialists available to manage every phase of your project from start to finish, including engineers and plumbers. If you have upcoming projects for your commercial business or property, call us today!

Small Projects

Even though it may be referred to as a “small project”, we know that plumbing renovations, additions, or new construction can be a very stressful time. We give you and your employees peace of mind knowing that your business or property will be in food hands throughout the whole duration of work.  Here are a few examples of what a small project may include:

  • Brief Duration: A small-scale project isn’t going to take months to complete. Typically, the job can be done in a few weeks or less. After surveying the fixed area, our specialists will come up with a detailed plan to manage all aspects of the work to be done. 

  • Pricing: Because smaller jobs require less time and manpower, we will likely agree on a price before we begin working. When you work with ENCON Commercial Services, there will never be any secret fees or hidden charges! 

  • Sites: Examples of a “small project” really aren’t small at all! These sites can include large stores, warehouses, small plants or store buildups. All of these facilities will require plumbing in order to meet code. Other examples of small jobs are renovations or additions. These areas will need plumbing fixtures and piping as well, and ENCON Commercial Services is ready to help. 

Large Projects 

“Large Projects” are, naturally, much bigger in scale. Like all projects, these ones require special attention to detail and careful consideration during the planning process. 

  • Longer duration: A large project will cover far more square footage than a small one. Because this surpasses your average addition or renovation, it’s likely that you will need to have site work done before construction begins. 

  • New Builds: A large facility will likely need to be built from the ground up. Pipes and fixtures need to be planned carefully from start to finish – one miscalculation along the way can cause larger problems down the road. In addition, materials need to be top of the line for durability. 

  • Design Scale: The size of your business will directly relate to the amount of plumbing installation needed. Consider the size of an entire shopping center. Now, imagine all of the piping and plumbing fixtures that run through it! Encon Commercial Services will work with you every step of the way. 

For all of your plumbing projects, both large and small, call ENCON Commercial Services  today!