Water Heater Installations & Repair in New England

Properly functioning water heaters should heat to desired temperatures on demand.  Whether yours is a conventional tank, a direct/indirect water heater, or a tankless system, the same rule applies.  There should be no wavering and no unexpected temperature or pressure fluctuations.

How ENCON Commercial Services Can Help

Please don’t feel overwhelmed by water heater decisions.  We’re always here to help simplify the process.  Our certified and consistently trained pros are standing by to assist in the following ways:

  • Making the Right Choice: Our professionals can help guide you towards making the best and most efficient water heater decision for your individualized needs.  Much depends on the number of people/dwellings using the system.  Of course cost and efficiency are also factors with which we can help narrow.

  • Proper Sizing & Expert Installation: The wrong size water heater will do no good particularly in larger multi-dwelling spaces.  Our engineers will recommend the best type of water heater(s) for your unique location as well as ensure that it is properly sized and fitted.

  • Consistent Maintenance: Proper and thorough maintenance is essential to increasing the longevity of your water heater.  We can schedule regular maintenance ahead of time so that once installed you never need to think about your water heater again—that’s our job.

Benefits of a Water Heater Replacement

Sometimes it’s simply far more cost-effective to have your water heater replaced than to continue making repairs.  Our technicians can help guide you in the right direction and recommend maintenance programs to help increase the longevity of whichever heating system you decide is best.  Advantages of water heater replacements include:

  • Consistent hot water

  • Lower risk of leaks

  • Increased energy efficiency

  • Lower monthly spend

  • Decreased water consumption

ENCON Commercial Services Solutions today!  Cut costs by getting started with quality water heater maintenance or ask about new installation options.