Commercial Electrical Automation in New England

Automated control means more money saved—it’s that simple.  Electrical automation streamlines systems controls so that electricity, electrical appliances, and fixtures power up and down on command. It only takes one quick glance around just about any public space to see that smart phones, GPS’, tablets, and other wireless components are working to make so many other parts of our lives more convenient.  Why not use these gadgets to help automate electricity and save in the process?

How Does Electrical Automation Work?

Controlled by a smart device, electrical automation can wirelessly control electrical systems of a given commercial space from just about any location.  This means full individualized control over the following systems, and more:

  • Lighting

  • Temperature

  • Shade

  • Appliances

  • Overall energy usage

What Are the Benefits of Electrical Automation?

Technological advances allow us to streamline work-flow in a way that is quantifiable and far more productive.  This is especially useful in large-scale commercial locations where power efficiency can otherwise be a daunting task.  Here’s a quick list of some other benefits and advantages of electrical automation:

  • Save Energy: With quantified electrical automation it’s easy to see where and when you are able to cut energy usage.

  • Lower Utility Bills: Electrical automation allows for easy-to-operate electricity timers. Control when and for precisely how long to leave on the lights, keep on the heat, and run appliances.

  • Key-Pad/Data/Voice Control: Enhance safety and security with a variety of fully-automated and -customizable solutions.

  • Quantifiable Metrics: Eliminate guesswork.  Know how much energy is being used where and when.


Electrical automation technology is truly at the fore of best-in-class electrical solutions and efficiency.  Don’t get left in the dark!  Questions about electrical automation?  Learn more by contacting the professionals at ENCON Commercial Services today!  Find out what you can gain from taking automated control over your electrical power.