Operational Assessment - HVAC Test

How Well is Your HVAC System Working?

Encon Commercial Services' Operational Assessment delivers critical information to help facilities throughout Massachusetts plan and budget into the future. Properly maintained commercial HVAC systems conserve energy, cut absenteeism, increase productivity and save money by minimize the likelihood of costly emergency repairs. Let us help you plan for the best HVAC equipment to keep your current environment comfortable and reduce surprises on future building needs.  

From getting equipment back into proper operating condition to evaluating energy efficiency, our Operational Assessments reduce financial risk and set a foundation for growth.

Operational Assessments and HVAC Testing: 

An Operational Assessment begins with comprehensive testing and analysis of your HVAC systems and equipment. Encon Commercial Services' HVAC technicians evaluate building energy usage and building operations from prior years. During the analysis, we examine historic data and key indicators to determine baseline performance on important items such as: 

  • Utility costs 

  • Equipment performance 

  • Energy consumption 

  • Opportunity for redundancy 

  • Operational reliability 

Types of HVAC Equipment Tested 

A wide variety of commercial HVAC equipment can be assessed and tested to ensure optimum functionality, including: 

  • Packaged terminal air conditioners (PTACs) 

  • Air handling units (AHUs) Split system air conditioning units 

  • Self-contained air conditioning units 

  • Rooftop air conditioning units 

  • Chillers: centrifugal, reciprocating and screw 

  • Computer room air conditioners (CRACs) 

  • Cooling towers 

  • Compressors: reciprocating, scroll, screw, rotary, open, hermetic and semi-hermetic 

  • Centrifugal pumps 

  • Heat pumps 

  • Boilers Vane axial fans 

  • Refrigeration and ice machines 

  • Variable frequency drives 

  • Condensing units 

  • Glycol dry coolers 

  • Controls Fan coil units (FCUs) 

  • Variable air volume boxes (VAVs) 

What to Expect from an Operational Assessment 

The intent of each operational assessment is to deliver a comprehensive list of recommendations that will save money, conserve energy, improve comfort, and reduce the risk of equipment failure.  As part of the detailed report, we deliver guidance on how to improve your ROI through options such as: 

  • Repairs to broken or worn out components.

  • Finding incentives to maximize return on capital investments. 

  • Finding energy optimization programs. 

  • Budget HVAC equipment.

Are you ready to ensure your mission critical HVAC equipment is running at its best and delivering the most efficient financial benefits? Contact us today for an operational assessment on your HVAC equipment and services.