Commercial Energy Efficiency Management in New England

At ENCON Commercial Services, we’ll we will manage all of your electrical needs—the engineering, the design, the installation—but it is our overall energy management expertise that we think matters most of all.  It doesn’t take an electrical genius to know that efficient energy management and planning is what counts.  It is our leadership combined with roll-up-our-sleeves grit continuously guides us (and our customers) toward success.

Our experienced technicians are fully-certified and consistently trained in all aspects of energy management from safety protocols to green initiatives and energy conversation.  Our job is to help commercial and industrial locations throughout New England stay illuminated!

Our team remains focused on:

  • Cutting Costs: Properly installed, updated, and automated electrical systems work to reduce spending.

  • Energy Conservation: A key to cutting costs and protecting the environment is energy conservation.  Working to save you time and money is a HUGE part of the ENCON Commercial Services management plan.

  • Green Initiatives: We always take green initiatives into consideration and work hard to meet and exceed the necessary electrical challenges therein.

  • Safety: Keeping your building, employees, and customers safe and secure is paramount.  Our professionals are trained to adhere to nothing short of top-tier safety protocol.

  • Energy Distribution: Proper distribution of energy is essential to ensuring all electrical systems stay powered up and online during the day-to-day operations of your business.

At ENCON Commercial Services, our professional team is committed first and foremost to exceeding customer expectations.  We think of your electrical problems as our own and do everything in our power to ensure that your power stays running strong.

Stay safe!  Keep out of the dark! Call ENCON Commercial Services today and let us provide expert energy management so you can do what you do best—run your business.