Plant Relocations

Moving an entire factory or business is a major task that requires a lot of thought and planning. However, if you find that your current building no longer meets the needs of your business, relocation may be necessary for growth. Even though an upgrade to your workspace will boost productivity and function throughout your company, it will certainly be tough. Here are ENCON Commercial Services, we can help to take some of that stress off of your plate.

When you contact us for your plant relocation, we can guarantee that you won’t face any extra hardships. We understand that this is a major challenge and we will work with you every step of the way. No matter why your facility may need to relocate, our trained professionals will keep things as safe and efficient as possible during the transition.

Benefits of ENCON Commercial Services Relocation Services

For a job this size, you should seriously consider consulting a third-party contractor with proven experience in plant relocation. At ENCON Commercial Services, we have successfully managed and assisted with plant relocations that range in size and function. We will be able to keep the move organized and timely while making modifications and suggestions along the way that will benefit you in the long run. Here are ways we can help:

  • Organization and consistency are key during plant relocations. If any aspect of the project, big or small, becomes disrupted along the way can quickly escalate. To protect your equipment and electrical quality and consistency throughout, you should have ENCON Commercial Services  assist.

  • New service runs to allow for electric power distribution throughout your new or upgraded location. A new or updated service drop can be installed by way of electrical lines and utility poles.

  • Voltage change may be necessary if you are choosing a new location or your upgrading your current one. We can install the equipment necessary to adapt to and distribute your new electrical requirement.

What to Expect

  • Layouts: before beginning the relocation process you should have a detailed layout in place. This minimizes room for error down the line and eases the transition by giving an account of what to expect.

  • Equipment inspection: before relocating your electrical equipment, we will inspect the collection to make sure that everything is working properly and efficiently. If you’re moving or upgrading your company, you should want things working perfectly.

  • Planning: setting up a detailed plan of events is a very important part of the relocation process. Depending on the time frame and extent of the job, you may need a temporary workspace for employees to continue working.

  • Installation: When relocating your electrical equipment, installation is the most important part. It’s possible for them to be damaged or improperly installed if not done by a trained and certified professional.

  • Testing: Before we leave any plant relocation job, we will always be sure to test the electrical function. It’s important that the electricity in your new plant works properly and safely.

To plan and assist with your commercial plant relocation, call ENCON Commercial Services today!